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My Projects

This page features my voluntary and personal web projects.

Victim Support Centre Middelburg

Description: A small, non-profit organisation that strives to help victims of crime and violence situated in and around South Africa. The aim of the website is to increase awareness about their organisation and how they assist victims in need. They also hope to receive more donations and sponsors, as well as to provide more information about crime and violence.

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Discover Max

Description: All web developers should have their own personal website. Mine aims to get the general public acquainted with me, as well as to market my website design skills for those that may be interested in working with me.

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South African Agricultural and Other Investments Society

Description: A society that is dedicated to the advancement and protection of South Africans, which is done by working with agricultural and related small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). The website's initial aim is to gain members so that they may be able to register as a cooperative savings and credit bank. Membership is made easy through the website's online registration form.

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